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FTRMCover with 28mm spine

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Surrogate Fathers Cover 25mm spine 02 copy

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B.A.O.R. - Large Format Paperback 

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GUNNERS ’N’ GRENADES - New Paperback


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Warning Order Belize - The Audiobook is Here…

Audiobooks are changing people’s lives - you download them just like music downloads and play them through computers, smartphones, car systems etc. Instead of having to wait until you’re tucked up in bed for that night-time story - you can listen to audiobooks at any time - they’re an ideal way to kill time on that journey to and from work - something to look forward to - especially Warning Order Belize - it’ll cheer you up no matter how bad things are getting at work!!! And just like a music download you can get it from iTunes or Amazon or Audible - currently it’s a little bit cheaper on iTunes but don’t tell anyone.

Give Audiobooks a go now - they will change the way you read.


You’ve read the book now hear the audiobook…

Voice Actor Jason Mills brings Warning Order Belize to life with a vengeance. It is now funnier than ever and a whole new experience. If you haven’t read the book you are in for one massive treat and if you have then this is even better - 4 hours of extreme jollity - all you have to do is listen!* Same price as a music CD but four times longer, four times funnier and absolutely no rubbish singing!

Available Now on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

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